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Today I had to take my online health midterm (in case you care, I got a 148/150 ;-). Now, these online tests are timed VERY strictly. If you go 1 second over, it automatically counts as a 0 (and the teacher refuses to grade it by hand). So I’ve been using my timers.exe program that I created in my junior year at Seneca Valley. It’s a rather handy little timer where you can label what you’re timing, start, stop, and reset the clock, and add more timers (with all the same functionability)! I never really had good reason to use the program before my summer courses (but had it there just in case!) so I never really thought to improve upon it. I used it for the first half of each of my online courses, and it’d been rather difficult to keep one eye on the clock and calculate how much time I have left.Since this midterm was kind of important, I decided to update the program! But Microsoft is goofy, and in trying to open the project, they made me convert it to the current version, and then the timers didn’t work, and it was all a big mess. Rather than going and rewriting the program entirely in VisualBASIC, I decided to create a new one in Flash. This version (.swf, .php, .htm) doesn’t have the “add more timers” functionality, but it does have a count-down which has alarms at 5 minutes and 1 minute. It’s pretty sweet, but I’ve got a couple bugs to work out (not using count-up&down at the same time… well.. that’s the onlny one I can think of). Let me know what you think!


June 21, 2006 - Posted by | General Stuff

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