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A Wonderful Day Off Work

After a wonderful night of sleep, I watched Brazil outscore Ghana (the Cinderella story of this World Cup). I thought Ghana looked terrific, but the scoreboard showed otherwise (oh well.. you’ll get ’em in 4 years, Ghana!). Then I saw Agassi being amazing again (I don’t know how he’s doing it – 20+ years pro is absolutely crazy!) and saw the important part of France’s foot hitting Spain’s butt (2 goals in the last 10 minutes makes for great television).

I’m convinced that internet courses are the greatest things in the world. When I decided to take two of them this summer, I was unsure how they’d be, but I’m loving them so far. My health class is an absolute joke. I’ve done zero reading, I’ve sticky-noted the chapters and index in the book, and I’ve saved the teachers notes onto my computer. I currently have a 284/300 and haven’t read a page of the book. I need 136 more points (out of a possible 300 more) in order to get the C needed for PSU to accept the credits, so it’s going to be a nice down-hill ride for me. My world religions course, on the other hand, is much tougher. The midterm was an essay test (which was an absolute curveball) and it was definitely tougher than my health midterm (which I missed one multiple choice question on). I’m not looking forward to writing my second opinion paper for the course (critiquing a website about Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Taoism, or Confucianism) and I’m dreading the final research paper (10-12 pages on my choice – studying why reincarnation is a Buddhist belief that they stole from Hinduism). However, I’m sure that I’ll be able to put in the necessary effort and get the C that I need in there as well.

After finishing up today’s health quiz (10/10), I was modifying this blog a bit, when I remembered Burdeezy’s link to Ken Jennings’ blog. So I read his entire blog and wandered to several of the links he provided (including the PODCASTS for the NAQT National Championships!). Not only does his blog show off how smart he is, but it also allows him to share his wit and excellent sense of humor. His very first post about Quiz Bowl and why it should be televised ends with this…

You watch the spelling bee, as fellow ex-quiz-bowler Greg Lindsay put it to me last weekend, ‘To watch little kids suffer.’

So there’s your TV pitch: ‘Quiz bowl: all the cruelty-to-children of the National Spelling Bee, all the pulse-pounding excitement of Jeopardy!’ How can it miss?”

I’ll definitely be tuning into his blog daily for more entertainment!

The rest of the day off is looking like watching Syriana at Meloy’s, watching Last Comic Standing (taping it), and trying to figure out some CSS or Javascript to make an easier-to-manage navigation system for my site.


June 27, 2006 - Posted by | Computer Stuff, General Stuff

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