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The First Real Post (Timers Program)

Alright, so as a sample of what this blog is going to be used for – here’s the first post!

Tonight, after finishing up my World Religions midterm and settling in for the night, I decided to install WordPress, just because it’s one of those necessary evils. So here it is!

Before I got around to WordPress though, I had updated my Timers program. Before the update, it had two major bugs – first off, if you just pressed “start” for the countdown without changing the 00:00:00 to something else, it would start you at an hour (not quite sure how my code defaulted to an hour – but whatev). So I fixed that up, and now when it counts down to 00:00:00 or if you just start it there, it plays an edited Windows XP “tada.wav” a few times in a row. Secondly, it was REALLY abnoxious that you couldn’t have a count-down and a count-up running at the same time. So I added a couple frames, modifed the Actionscript, and was “Good to go” ::Good-to-go hand motion from the Taco Bell commercial::

Here’s where the blog comes into play – if there are any comments that you would like to leave about the modified Timers program, this is the absolutely PERFECT place to leave them! Now you don’t have to feel awkward about IMing or emailing me, just say that you’re an anonymous user (or tell me who you are) and let me know what you think could make my Timers better!!! So let the comments begin! (please!!)


June 27, 2006 - Posted by | Computer Stuff

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