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I’ve noticed that no one is posting any comments to any of my blog entries, and that’s rather discouraging. However, just in case there is anyone out there who has spent the 5 minutes necessary for reading it all, here’s another post!

Today’s main topic of discussion – work. Now, you might be wondering, “How exciting could the Giant Eagle deli be??” The answer, my friends, is VERY exciting! Today, I got to make Gibson trays (which means I put 20 pieces of each of four types of cheese in a circle around a container of pepperoni! How hot is that?!), slice some Giant Eagle Ham Off The Bone (on sale this week for $4.99 a pound!), and talk to a 65(ish) year old woman about my sex life. Let’s just say it was entertaining!

Anywho, after closing with Meghan and Phil, I came home and finished watching Hotel Rwanda. I’ve been working on this movie for a couple weeks now (only 2 other nights, really), and it turned out to be every bit as awesome as I had hoped. It was one of those really sad movies the whole way through. I must admit that I ended up crying during the tidbits of real information about the story (at the end). I give this movie two thumbs up, and strongly encourage everyone to see it. It was really good stuff.

After that, I began surfing the web again instead of writing my World Religions paper (I’ll get to it eventually… I have to…). I browsed through Tim Knapton’s website again, and am just in awe that I am friends with someone that good at web design. If you or anyone you know need a website created, Knappz is a great guy to go to.
I had my daily dose of Ken Jennings’ blog and found out about his eBay auction! I’m really thinking about putting in a couple weeks’ pay as a bid, just to help the cause (and because I wouldn’t mind winning that at all).

Oh well, I suppose that’s it for now. Hopefully I’ll be able to be somewhat productive with my paper during the Germany-Argentina game in the morning, but we’ll see how that goes…


June 30, 2006 - Posted by | General Stuff, Work Stuff

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  1. I was just thinking, what Danny really needs is a giant foam head that resembles Ken Jennings. I say go for it!

    Comment by Mare | June 30, 2006

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