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A Weekend of Work, the French Man, Whack-a-Ken and a Family Feud Record

Since I haven’t created a very good Category system, I decided that a comprehensive title is the best way to get it done. Let’s begin.

Weekend of work – I worked all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Made Gibson trays each day (basically Gibson trays are awesome – four types of cheese, twenty pieces each, and a container of pepperoni. I might be the greatest Gibson tray maker in the world…). It wasn’t a miserable weekend, just really busy. Mary made it better by asking her Sex Survey of everyone. I never saw that coming from a 60-some-odd woman…

Saturday night, at 1:20 AM, I finished my World Religions paper about The Encyclopedia of Authentic History and heard the doorbell ring. I went upstairs, turned on the light, and saw a creepy guy. I reluctantly open the door and ask him, very confused, what I can help him with. He was looking for Ramsey or his dad (the people who lived here before we moved in… the dad was deported, Ramsey moved to Cali?, and who knows what happened to the rest of the family…). I told him that I didn’t know where they were (because that’s the truth) and had to continue telling him that for about 5 minutes. He apologized for coming so late, but he had just gotten here from France and needed to see them. This just further confirms that there was some serious stuff going down in this house before (drugs? illegal immigrants?). Oh well, at least he had an awesome accent…
Last night, when I got home from the Elwood City Fireworks and the torrential downpour afterwards, I decided to take Ken Jennings up on his offer for me to make a Whack-a-Ken game (here’s the conversation – about two-thirds of the way down is my comment and Ken’s reply). So I opened up MSPaint, made some podiums (inspiration from several Google Image results), stole Ken’s body from his book cover, stole his head from the Giant Foam Head on eBay, and put them into Flash. The Kens pop up from behind the podiums at random, and you click on them to get a point. It’s in its very preliminary phase right now. I’m getting feedback from his message boards (topic), and I’ll be making it better in all the free-time I can find! You can leave comments here too…
One last piece of business – this week, Family Feud is the return of the Lovable Losers. Both teams were rather horrible… Hector from the Hispanic team gave a couple VERY wrong answers and I don’t think Irene from the other team gave any correct answer… Anyhow, in Fast Money, I got 180 points. I gave 4/5 number 1 answers (only missed the “How long should a couple date before getting married?” (1 year.. I said 2)). Just wondering how well you all did and what your greatest score for a single round is… alright.. back to Whack-a-Ken!


July 3, 2006 - Posted by | Computer Stuff, General Stuff, Work Stuff

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