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::Whew:: It’s been quite an eventful week-ish! Fourth of July was spent “working” all night. And by “working,” I mean sitting around while no customers came. It was rather lame, but that extra $.50 an hour is unbeatable! (sarcasm). Since then, I’ve worked 3 days (Thursday, Saturday, Today) which have been getting worse every time. I’m thinking that once I start my 3ish week vacation, that’ll be the end of this summer’s deli-working (I’ll spend August getting Google to love me).

I’ve had a little time to work on Whack-A-Ken this past week, and I made a practice mode (where you control the number of Kens and the rate at which they come), and I made it more game-like (20 points = level up.. level up = 1 more ken). So now all I’d really like to do is add Alex Trebeks that deduct points, perfect the speed at which the Kens come, implement a high-score system, and add some bonus questions between levels (not sure how to go about making a database that Actionscript can access – anyone have any thoughts?).

My online classes are nearing completion. My Health class has 1 exam, 1 final, and 2 quizzes left (approximately 3 hours of work remaining). Of the 270 points remaining, I only need 108 of them (for a C), so hopefully I’ll ace the exam, get 8/20 on the two quizzes combined, and I won’t even have to take the final (although I will anyways because that’s who I am). My world religion class has 1 final, 1 quiz, and 1 ten-page research paper. Of the 210 points remaining, I need 91 of them (for a C), so I’m hoping I can ace the quiz, put minimal effort into the research paper, and do decently on the final. Anybody know anything about why Buddhism believes in reincarnation even though it doesn’t fit into the puzzle of the religion very well? Good non-internet sources would be MUCH appreciated!!

Monday was the most productive day of my life. I had a to-do list with about 50 things on it, and I got probably 45 of them done. It was amazing. I got a haircut, cut the grass, emptied my waterbed, moved the pieces of my waterbed into the hallway, put together the new bed, emptied out a few things in my closet, got socks, became a “Trainee” (now I’m an Aquamarine Apprentice), ate some food, watched the World Cup final that I missed (YEAH ITALY!!!), watched the Wimbledon final that I missed (I would have liked to have seen Nadal win, but it’s also kind of neat to be witnessing history in the making – will Federer make it 5 next year??), took a health quiz, finally bought mental_floss (for 6 degrees of Ken Jennings), watched the World Series of Pop Culture (good stuff – other than the last commercial break telling me who won before the game was actually over – but that’s VH1’s fault….), and did so much more. It was an amazingly productive day, and I had a terrific night’s sleep afterwards.

Before my productive Monday, I had the Sunday I asked off off! I went to Sam Bell’s graduation party and had a blast! (it’s the only graduation party that I’ve actually been invited to :-\) The food was delish, the volleyball was amazing, and there were some really cool people to hang out with! Not to mention, I got to steal some buns, chips, and old books (a trivia book and a pocket ref! from their place). After the party, I had my own with hannaH Backwards, Jack, Max and Lee. It was basically a farewell to the waterbed and a little bit of poker. Max and I played trivia until we got our 10 questions to be a newbie.

So that covers work, school, my website (oh yeah, I redesigned my Programs page so that it’s more organized and has more information), the productive Monday, and the Super-Fun Sunday. Julie’s wedding is next Saturday, so we’ll be busy cleaning up the house preparing for the 39 people sleeping here (and the rehearsal dinner). It’ll be awesome to see some family that I don’t get to see enough (Michael and Barbara especially, but all my siblings, extended family, and just everyone really).


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