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So yeah, my blog died. Like it always does. But now that I’m back at PSU, I need as many procrastination tools as possible!!! Basically, I’ve had a text file on my desktop with notes that I’ve wanted to blog about ever since my last entry, but I just never got around to it. So here we go!

Beach Trip – because of my grandfather’s funeral (which turned out to be a very nice ceremony and a good reception afterwards (I got to see Uncle Bob for the 3rd time in my life (my dad’s funeral was the 2nd time…)…)) I was unable to go to the beach with Mare, Lesber, Ryry, Christine, and whoever else. That was kinda lame, but there was no way I could’ve missed the funeral and working out a ride situation proved very difficult (hopefully next time mom’ll trust my driving and my car enough to let me go). So the Ocean City Friend Trip was nonexistent for me, but the Wildwood New Jersey Family Trip was there. It was restful and I got to finish Piers Anthony’s On a Pale Horse. So that was a nice week.

I worked for a total of 3 days after returning from the beach and before heading back to PSU. They were all miserable, and I was glad there weren’t any more than 3. PS – I got < $4 per hour for the three days combined.

Welcome week here at PSU was fun. I got to move in on Monday (the 28th) and avoid the rush entirely. Helping the freshmen move in wasn’t as miserable as I thought it would be (and I learned my way around my dorm, so that’s always nice!). Free food for the week was delicious, and the rust-colored t-shirts add a nice new color to my wardrobe ;-) .

I got to mark off several movies on my TwoFifty list (84/250 currently). Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels is now one of my top 10 favorite movies. I strongly recommend it to everyone! Hitchcock’s movies are MESSED UP! I’ve seen Psycho and Vertigo, thus far, and I’ve enjoyed the straaaaange endings (although I kind of thought the large majority of Vertigo was rather slow).

Classes have been going all right. My schedule has changed around quite a bit, but it’s finalized now, and, I must say, it’s rather gorgeous. Hopefully my classes will be as easy as some of them seem and easier than one of them seems (I’m thinking CSE 260 might be the hardest course I’ll have had up to this point (and that says a lot considering Math 230 from last semester)).

Real Tennis has been non-existent since I’ve arrived. Meloy and I played a few times before coming up here, but the one time we even tried to play here, all 28 (I think there are 28) courts were jam-packed. Mario Tennis, on the other hand, has been plentiful. I’ve earned every court possible, and I’m currently working on beating all three tournaments with each character (on my last character’s last tournament – will finish in the morning). I <3 N64 because of this game.

I purchased a TV tuner from Newegg so that I could enjoy TV/movies/videogames on my computer without getting in Rory’s way. It’s not quite the DVR that I had at home, but it’s rather convenient, and ON MY COMPUTER! If you know a better program than WinTV2000, please let me know!

At some point this summer I saw a sweet Mario video. Snakes on a Plane was fantastic! I look forward to watching it at Latenight (I really really have my fingers crossed that it will come) with a billion college students. That’ll make it even more awesome.

Facebook now has its “Mini-Feed” which I’m still deciding on. There are bugs to work out (my feed said what had happened September 11 and Today.. but Today was actually yesterday, and September 11 was today…) and I can understand why everyone is really worried about how easy it is for people to stalk their every move. But it’s also kind of convenient to say “hey look, Amber put new pictures up tonight! That’s cool!” So yeah, I understand WHY Facebook made it, and I understand WHY people don’t like it. So I’m going to continue to sit on the fence on this one.

Brody Ruckus set out on a goal to have a threesome. He planned on getting it done in four months… instead, it took him four days. The internet is an amazing place, and Brody Ruckus is the man.

Math Club is going to be insane tonight. 135+ people on the Listserv. There’s no way we’re going to have enough pizza even if 1/4 of these new people show up. But I’m hoping for the best, and maybe there’ll be something like that 5 loaves of bread and two fish miracle…

Mare and I are really really awesome, just in case you didn’t know.  We bought Heelys :-) Yeah, those shoes with the wheel in the heel.  We’re getting used to using them, and we’re going to be starting the trend here at PSU.  Be jealous.  We also went to Boston Market while we were at home, and it was amazing.  We also helped her mom move to Elwood City, and the food we got out of that was pretty sweet too.

Last night (Saturday), we saw Charno’s Cantata downtown and I think we all had a good time with that (there were parts where the entire audience was laughing out loud, and that’s what I think makes a cantata, a cantata.).  And we watched PSU lose to Notre Dame :-\  but beat Akron!  And the Steelers kicked a bunch of butt too! Hopefully both teams will make it far this season.

If you made it all the way down here, I’m freaking amazed (your name is probably Mare, and I probably love you a bunch ;-)  but if your name is anything else, I’m even more amazed)! Leave me a comment and I’ll pretty much garuantee you that you’re the only one who left a comment. So congrats, and thanks for caring (or even just pretending to care!). Until next time…


September 11, 2006 - Posted by | General Stuff


  1. our trip to Boston Market was so exciting that you put it in here? wow, that must have been really goos stuffing :)

    Comment by mare | September 18, 2006

  2. Your blog may have been a procrastination tool for you, but it also worked for me. I should be doing work before the Tech meeting tonight, but I’m not. I’m just relieved that the 260 homework is handed in and done for a week.

    Comment by Parker | September 27, 2006

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