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The Power Set of the Power Set of the Power Set of the Null Set…

That title is not a typo – one of my CSE 260 problems was figuring out what the power set of the power set of the power set of the null set is… in other words, P(P(P({}))). (the book uses this sweet P with a swoop to the left and a curl above it… POWER set BIATCH! …you can’t tell me that’s not freaking awesome.

Anywho, yeah, I attempted to figure that out and other things like whether or not the null set is an element of the set containing the null set, and whether or not the null set is an element of the null set. CSE 260 homework was pretty fun this week… (and I somehow finished before 11:00!).

This weekend was really sweet! Me, Knappz, Rory, and Mare made the first college road trip! Other than the 3.5 hour setback with Knappz’s battery being jumped the wrong way and thus blowing a fuse that had to be replaced by having the husband of the lady whose children my mom babysat about 30 years ago drive us to Advanced Auto Parts twice in the span of 15 minutes. After that, it was smoooooooth sailing.

Vinny played more soccer in 3 days than I have ever played in my life. On Friday afternoon, Seneca Valley beat Upper St. Clair (that’s probably not right, but it was something like that…) 1-0 (would’ve been 10-0 if the team’s field goals counted). After a nice family dinner (I miss home-cooked meals!), we headed out to Ohio for a soccer tournament. I had to wake up Saturday morning earlier than I’ve had to in a LOOOONG while to watch them destroy some Ohio team (12-0), and then actually outplay another team (3-0). We headed back home to catch the end of the Penn State – Minnesota game (what an ending that was! That was nice to catch a lucky break there!). I did some homework, went to church, stopped by my Giant Eagle (and saw my deli-workers), and had another home-cooked meal (I don’t mind a nice steak once in a while…). Tokyo Drift followed dinner, and I must say, it was much better than anyone led me to believe. The plot was very believable –
(SPOILER WARNING) – a kid races his car, gets into an accident, mom sends him to Japan, he gets involved with the mafia, best friend is brutally murdered in a car accident, races down the hill that only one person has ever survived, and beats the mafioso’s son (nearly killing him too).. he gets the girl, becomes BFFs with the token black kid, and lives happily ever after.. (/SPOILER WARNING).

– and the stunts were very cool. Anywho, got hooked on Men in Trees (ABC drama), slept on the couch, said my goodbyes, and came back to Penn State. I didn’t study for Larch the right way (I’ll admit it – I listened to ratemyprofessor and didn’t read the book… 8 or 9 questions started with “From the reading:”… needless to say, I had no idea what I was doing on those.) and ended up not having any idea how I did (I’m thinking somewhere between a 70 and an 85). ECON, on the other hand, I hardly studied at all for and will be severely disappointed in myself if I get anything below a 98.

I got to see Dr. Sellers start his speech at Math Club (and I’ve heard it was an awesome speech since he’s so awesome), but had to leave to bomb that Larch test…

I’m still disappointed that House isn’t on until October 31, but it’s okay tonight because I get to schedule at midnight! Hopefully I’ll get into some cool classes (it’s looking like CSE 331, CSE 465, STAT 318, CAS100A (with Meloy), ECON 004, and one of – ENGL 202C, CSE 428, 486, or 497B). I’m meeting with my advisor Friday to talk about my selection of courses, the possibility of double-majoring, and seeing what all would be required to get a Masters of Computer Science (30 credits and defending a thesis, if the website isn’t lying).

That’s all. I just wanted to show off the power set notation, brag about doing cool homework (and getting it done), tell about a sweet weekend (BTW – Vinny’s team ended up going to the championship and almost winning!), and not have another month go by without a blog entry… Thanks for procrastinating with me! Until next time…


October 10, 2006 - Posted by | General Stuff

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