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That title’s me trying to be witty, connecting a title of a post to the title of a movie I watched (from Russia with Love).. but yeah.. it really has nothing to do with anything.

So the past week and a half was been the most LKJWEKLRJKLEWRJ week and a half ever.  As of the last post, I had thought I got at least a 98 on my Econ test and somewhere between a 70 and 85 on my Larch test.  Econ I managed to ace (McLeod’s the man and really really does teach the material well), and Larch I managed to guess correctly on several of the questions about the text that I didn’t read.  I very dreadfully opened my “Your score report on EX1 in LARCH 060” email Monday morning to find that I guessed correctly on the majority of the questions and got the second highest score in the class :-\ (though I’m certainly not complaining).

Last Thursday, after an awesome Lantern Tour with Amber and Leslie (I love the free food, learning about History’s Mysteries at Penn State, and the view from the bell tower at Old Main!), I had my CSE 271 test that I didn’t know how to prepare for.  I felt rather confident about it, and Monday, when I got my test back, I missed 2 points because of a stupid mistake, so that was another nice one.

This Wednesday, was my CSE 260 test.  I studied more for this test than almost every other test I’ve taken (maybe a little less than my 230 final…).  I felt pretty good while taking the test, only really worrying about the clarity of my strong mathematical induction proof and whether or not I properly worded the “It is not true that if a function is continuous, then it is differentiable” (I said “It is possible that a function can be continuous and not differentiable” and I’m not sure that’s what he was looking for (even though it has the same truth table…)).  So, I’m definitely interested in finding out how I did on that one.

Speaking of 260, I somehow got a 73/100 on one of the homework assignments… I went to Professor Goldstine’s office hour today and talked myself up to an 86 (I’ll admit that I deserved an 83, but my skills got me 3 extra points).  I realized in that meeting with him (and from what I thought about the exam), Professor Goldstine is not as bad as everyone makes him out to be.  Honestly, the test was rather fair if you’ve done the work and reading required and prepared for it; and if you take the time to go to his office hour, he is willing to help you with any problems you’re having.  Aside from the dry lectures, Goldstine isn’t as bad as people make him sound.

Alright – now for FUN STUFF!  Penn State lost to Michigan :-\  I sold my ticket because I’m lame.  But I had a good time watching it with Mr. Knapton in the heat, so all-in-all, I’m happy with my decision.  We’ll definitely beat Michigan next year! (yeah, I know we said that last year too, but next year’s going to be a semi-decent season)

After my 271 exam last Thursday, I got to go see Koji on the Roof and Boys Like Girls play in Waring commons.  Koji was really cool – I loved his between-song commentary, how much he loved doing what he’s doing, and him singing “Sitting on a dock in the bay” (and letting the crowd whistle it!  That was my song during my summer as a Night Crew Stocker at Giatn Eagle).  I really liked the sound of Boys Like Girls – they had some awesome songs (and I’ve always been a sucker for acoustic music).

Sunday’s All-Captain Mat-Cleaning for THON was as to be expected – really early and tiring.  It was a nice bonding experience with my fellow tech (and non-tech) captains, and I am glad that it’s out of the way now before it’s freezing outside…

I tried out for the ACM programming team again, and again got rejected.  Last year I was one of three people rejected, this year, I was one of one :-(  I’m just not as amazing as I think I am…  but alas, I shall try again next year!!

The Steelers kinda won by like… a lot. 45-7 was the final score over the Chiefs. Needless to say, that was a really fun game to watch!

I watched the Office with Maxwell and Ed (and some guy I was never introduced to… sorry guy).  The episode was funny, the Ramen was good (cooked on a stove!), and the experience was interesting (being abducted in the rain).

I did my Larch assignment at the very last minute… as always.

I watched Dr. No and Russia with Love.  I’ve noticed that James Bond always gets the girl in the end… and he happens to get her in a boat every time?

Ben Folds was on Conan – he was dressed as a pirate.  He played “Learn to live with what you are” (not my favorite song… but he’s amazing).  And if I didn’t say it already, he was dressed as a pirate.  (I didn’t entirely understand it, but he’s awesome, so I’m not going to question it).

I’m really super-excited about going to see The Departed after the Homecoming Parade tomorrow!  It’s gonna be amazing!! (I sure hope so at least)

The past 3 nights, 2AM has appeared out of nowhere.  I’d really like to be in bed before 1, so I don’t know why it’s 2 already… thanks for reading!  I appreciate it!


October 20, 2006 - Posted by | General Stuff

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