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Let’s Go State!  Penn State just destroyed the fighting Illini!!! Although the first half was a little shaky, our defense in the second half was absolutely amazing.  Anthony Scirrotto made 2 great interceptions (really close to 3), and ran an onside kick in for a touch down!  The game was rather fun, even though we acted like 5 year olds (when they give you free pompoms, you just gotta…).

The Departed was phenomenal.  I’m a huge fan of movies like that (Boondock Saints, Pulp Fiction, the Godfather, etc) and this exceeded my very high expectations.  Although it was on the longer side, I thought every minute of it was worth it – with major plot twists, excellent character development, an amazing cast, and really really cool effects!  If you haven’t seen it yet, I’d definitely recommend seeing it now – it’s probably the most movie-theatre movie ever.

We went and saw it after we watched the Homecoming parade downtown.  The parade was fun, with all sorts of different clubs represented.  I got made fun of for saying that real dogs wear fur (because they do!), and admitting that I saw something in a documentary… but it was worth it.  And Subway was delicious!  They finally didn’t toast it!

Some of the previews looked really cool, like the ones for 300, Rocky Balboa, and The Good Shepherd.

Now for my random comments:

I saw Graham Spanier use his magical remote control that puts the poles in the middle of Pollock Road down into the street.  I didn’t believe it when someone told me he had it, but sure enough, I saw it in action, and was amazed.

Also on Pollock Road, I saw this guy riding a wheelie all the way down the street (from the moment I saw him until as far as I could see him go, he was up on one wheel).  It was crazy!!!

I watched Family Feud and I realized that it’s really funny when there’s a family with the last name “White” or “Black” and when the two families competing are different ethnicities.  When the host says, “And the Black family has the lead going into this round…” I always think it’s funny…

I procrastinated for my CSE 260 studying by reading “88 Surefire Tips for Succeedding in College.”  I thought it was gorgeous that reason 69 was “Avoid time wasters. As fun as it may be to stay up all night watching television or playing Tecmo Bowl…”.  I LOVE Tecmo Bowl!!!

My fortune cookie this week said: “The road to success is often a lonely one.”  That made me sad :-(  I don’t want to be successful if I have to be lonely…

Tyrone Crisp (my AWESOME Math 220 (Matrices) teacher) had a review session on Thursday and had some great quotes: “For physicists and engineers, you have this right-hand rule thing, blah blah blah…”;  “You take the cosine and the sine of the angle… blah blah blah… I’ll let you work them out because I don’t know how to…”; “I haven’t done any witchcraft to discover these thing…”  I don’t know. I think he’s the man, and those quotes made the review session well worth it.

Ellen Lewis is an amazing casting director (everything from Meet Joe Black to Forrest Gump and Gangs of New York) and I realized that casting directors don’t get the credit they deserve.

I want to completely redesign my website (dannyiachini.com) so that it looks good and professional.  But I’m not very artistic, and I haven’t really done much web-design.  If anyone’s willing to teach me some good tips, I’d love to learn!!!

I also want to make a tutorial about how to make your life better/easier using Google and a couple other handy things that I do… if you’re interested, let me know, because that’d be motivation to do it (I’ve been wanting to do it since July…).

I hope all of you are having great weekends!  Enjoy the rest of it!!!


October 21, 2006 - Posted by | General Stuff

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