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On Tuesday, Ben Folds put his three LPs together to make supersunnyspeedgraphic EP! It’s pretty much an amazing collection of music with Someone Cooler Than You, Bitches Ain’t Shit, and All U Can Eat (three of my favorite Ben Folds songs of all time!). I love it, and I’ve been listening to it on repeat since the moment I got it (Napster it – it’s free (except Bruised…)).

Also on Tuesday, in order to promote the album, Ben Folds had a free concert streaming live on his MySpace page. The selection of songs was amazing, the synthesizers were a nice twist, and the suicidal audience member followed by suicidal Ben were hilarious! (basically, a dummy was dropped from the rafters, and the audience reacted appropriately in the middle of Jesusland. Then at the end of the show, Ben was like “I’m gonna jump!” and the lights went out, and then a dummy fell down the stairs that he just climbed. This time, it was obviously fake, and it made everyone realize that the first one was fake too… well played, Mr. Folds… well played.)

So yeah, Ben Folds is pretty much amazing, and you should be listening to his album right this instant!

Yesterday (Wednesday), I went with Justin to see a stage adaptation of Reservoir Dogs. I thought that it was very well put-together, close to the story line (as much as I remembered at least), and had pretty good acting (I thought Pat (Ross’s (my friend since his birth) roommate) did a fantastic job, especially for a freshman!). I was definitely not disappointed with the free show!

This evening, I went with Meloy and Burdeezy (Phil was there too) to see the cultural film series’ City of God. Wow. What a movie! It was an incredible story (which you find out at the end was based on a true story! making it THAT much more incredible!!), very good acting, and several very emotional parts (I thought the character development was great, and made the emotional parts even better). If you get a chance and don’t mind reading subtitles, I’d definitely recommend seeing this movie!

I also watched Sling Blade with Rory earlier this week. Another great watch (and it’s in the top 250!)! I think this is probably the third time in this post that I’ve said it, but the story was incredible. The acting was phenomenal (the little boy is the same guy from Tokyo Drift! another terrific movie), the character development – top notch, and, although Rory and I called the ending as soon as we met a certain character, had a nice twist in the ending.

Another artsy thing I did was redesigning my website. I haven’t implemented the design yet because I’m lazy (and haven’t put in the few changes that Burdeezy and Mare have recommended – thank you guys for the suggestions! I appreciate it!).

One last “artsy” thing was watching an interview with Ken Jennings on Google Video. Yeah, it was over 53 minutes long, but it was hilarious! Here are the highlights (although you should watch the whole thing if you get a chance!):

* “What’s the difference between a pepperoni pizza and an English major? At least a pepperoni pizza can feed a family of four!”

* “I won 74 straight Sesame Streets!”

* “I think I woulda lost my 100th game… luckily I arranged to lose my 75th game (without meaning to), but I think I would’ve thrown the 100th game in final Jeopardy. The final Jeopardy answer would’ve been ‘I’m outta here!'”

* “I assume there’s some stereotype – ‘How could somebody religious go on Jeopardy? They’re gonna get all the religious questions wrong!’ or ‘What is, There were no dinosaurs, Alex?'”

Now for the other stuff – I did a larch project today, I aced my Matrices exam Monday, THON 5K is on Sunday!!!, my Verizon escapades with Ross on Tuesday were a freaking BLAST! (Circuit City guy: “I could throw a baseball and hit the Verizon store from here.” Literally 200 yards… I DOUBT IT!), and I’m kinda sorta REALLY looking forward to getting my CSE 260 exam back tomorrow! (I sure hope we get them back, at least…).

Have a fantastic Halloween Weekend everyone! And go carve a pumpkin!


October 27, 2006 - Posted by | General Stuff

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