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100 Days ‘Til THON!

That’s right folks!  Only 100 more days until THON 2007!!!  In order to celebrate this special day, I made a countdown!!!  (yeah, I might have stolen that from my old blog… and in case you were wondering, there are only 604 days left until I can play in the World Series of Poker! and we graduated 522 days ago!)  I got an awesome 100 Days t-shirt! I did the line dance with about 40-50 other people at Old Main at noon! (yeah, had to skip part of my class for that…)  I’m going to the special 100 Days dinner at the dining commons! (with THON Garlic Mashed Potato Pizza and For the Kids Potato-Cheese Pierogies!)

In other THON news – Tech and Morale faced off in the first broomball match of the year this past Sunday!  Both teams were vying for the coveted THON CUP (FTC! FOR THE CUP!).  After a rough first half, Morale had the lead 3-2, but with a strong second half, the game ended in a tie! 9-9!  So we broke the cup in half (I think that was an accident).  It was a lot of fun other than slipping and hitting a girl in the chest :-(  (if you’re reading this – I still really am sorry and still feel awful about it!)

Round Two of midterms has begun and I started it off by KOing the Econ 302 test (105/105… I am yet to miss a point in the class).  Next week’s going to be miserable (Larch Monday, CSE 260 Wednesday, CSE 271 Thursday), but after that it’s smooooooth sailing!  Next Wednesday will be awesome after the 260 exam though – Math Club bowling to celebrate Amber’s birthday!  I have a feeling that’s going to be amazing!

In football news, the Nittany Lions and the Steelers are all looking rather horrible.  I think there’s still a slim possibility that Penn State might get a bowl game (a really small one), but the Steelers are really going to have to have a miracle to make it to the playoffs…

SPANK (Penn State Ultimate) kicked a whole lot of butt this weekend!  Mare, Amber, Leslie and I went over and watched their second game of the tournament this weekend, with a sign pleading “Put Justin in!” and another saying “We <3 Burdeezy!”  The first sign worked (the coach put him in twice for us!!).  And the second sign got him to score two points for us!  It was really rather awesome!

SOMA’s Comedy Extravaganza last Friday night was a rollercoaster.  There were some really bad acts (making my friends leave me…), but in between the badness, there was AWESOMENESS!  Brandon Gulya was hilarious! (This YouTube video has a lot of the same material) Rob Paravonian (from Premium Blend) was really rather funny as well.  There were a few Penn State acts that were pretty good too, but some were just embarrassing.

Danny Greene showed off his skills on Saturday night at Joegie’s.  Danny is a very talented musician and has some friends who are really talented too (one guy played the harmonica and the guittar… AT THE SAME TIME!).  That was a good time, especially because of Ed’s entrance (I’m pretty sure he started screaming “KLIIIIITZ” when he was outside).

Election Day has passed!  I did a whole bunch of election stuff with Meloy in the past week, and it was all fun, but I’m really glad it’s all over and Meloy can finally relax.  Oh, PS – we WON EVERYTHING.  (well, Virginia’s going to inevitably be recounted, but as long as the results hold, the democrats won the Senate, we definitely won the house, and (probably most importantly), Bob Casey ousted Rick Santorum!!!)

Happy 100 Days ’til THON everyone!!!  I hope you’ve all been able to enjoy some of the festivities! (even if it was just checking my countdown and saying “That Danny Iachini is one big nerd.”)


November 8, 2006 - Posted by | General Stuff

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