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Another Month Off.

Yeah, it’s been another month.  It’s not like you care.

Ummm.. I went through and had a nice post going, and then it deleted itself when I added a picture, so I’m just gonna keep it simple.

Finals went well, I got straight A’s (although I’ll never be able to get back to a 4.0, I’ll be able to round up :-)).  CSE 260 was too close for comfort (2 points), and Matrices I could’ve only missed one more question.

After my last final, Knappz and I cooked a steak-like thing that was sitting in his freezer all semester on a George Foreman grill (most amazing cooking device of all time).  It turned out to be pretty tasty! (tasty not tastEy, despite what Mr. Will-I-Am says in Fergalicious)  Then he brought me home on the 22nd (PSU is NOT allowed to let us out that late again).

First day of Christmas was the 23rd when the Alvarez’s came over – it’s always nice to see family!  It was a fun day, and my Auntie Anne made me an AWESOME blanket with different PSU things in each corner…

she’s so awesome!  The second day of Christmas I don’t really remember too much about (other than the Steelers losing).  I don’t think I saw any family on Christmas Eve, but we did get our annual Christmas tape back on track (we missed last year and made it the night before Juli’s wedding… really glad we got it back on track) and in a new and improved way!  Since Michael and Barbara didn’t come home, we used Google Talk instead of speakerphone.  This worked out really nicely!  Thanks Google!  Christmas day brought Zelda, Excite Truck, a Wii carrying case, some Wii points (notice a pattern here?), some gift cards, clothes, a battery recharger and a digital camera (everything I wanted!)!  It’s a Canon PowerShot A530 (I have no clue what that means, but it’s got this Color Accent mode that’s a TON of fun! After church (and Ami and Jarrod leaving), we saw the Iachini side of the family at Gramma and PopPop’s.  It was great seeing everybody!

Since Christmas, there’s been a whole lot of Wii (even Grandma Alvarez and mom bowled with me!), a couple awesome movies (if you haven’t seen Little Miss Sunshine, let me know and I’ll watch it with you.  It’s fantastic.), and a big THON project.  I made the signups for dancer registration events.  That’s pretty much what I’ve been doing since Sunday night (and I finished it today!!!).

I’ve had a couple get-togethers, seeing most of the usual gang (a few people couldn’t make it to any of them) and having some good times with poker, Wii, Pool, and the Outback Bowl (which, in case you missed it, Penn State beat Tennessee and entered the top 25 for the end of the season!).

I saw an advertisement for the movie Thr3e.  I’m rather bugged by this, because once I watched Se7en this summer, I went through and drew up a whole bunch of this type of similar title (Thr3e, 4our, 6ix, Ei8ht (REALLY good looking design), etc).  I almost blogged about it, and if I had, right now, I wouldn’t be complaining, I’d be saying “Look, Hollywood took my advice, and now I’m a millionaire!”  (probably not really – it was probably in the works long before I saw Se7en)

I’ve been watching TV poker (I kind of miss my addiction) and on High Stakes Poker (GSN), I saw Gus Hansen rob Daniel Negreanu (my two favorite players).  Gus had pocket 5’s, Negreanu – pocket 6’s.  Flop came 956 – lots of action. A fourth 5 came for Gus on the turn (giving Negreanu a boat), and an 8 on the river (making the straight possible).  Daniel Negreanu lost $300K+ and it made me sad and happy at the same time.  Anywho, my goal in life is to lose $300K and be  able to shake it off and continue playing poker like Daniel did – he’s the man (and loaded.).

Vinny Googled my name, and found me listed on the CSE page!  I thought that was pretty cool, and I realized that I now have iachiniATcseDOTpsuDOTedu as an email address now!  So I got my Academic Alliance information finally!  Wooooo!

Alright, well, off to Zelda – working my way to the third temple!  It’s such a good, addicting game!  Cranium and Bowling with the family and one final basement reunion before heading back to Penn State Sunday!  Should be a fun weekend and a great semester!  Until next time…


January 12, 2007 - Posted by | General Stuff

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