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I realize that it’s been just about 6 months since my last blog entry, and that’s a problem.  My excuse for March through mid-May is going to be the end of the semester being a rough one (that’s a lie… after THON, everything lightened up quite a bit… classes went well – I made Dean’s List, nothing too terrible happened, and I even survived a 3 8AM finals finals week!).  For Mid-May to June-ish, I’m going to claim that I was spending every waking moment job-hunting (again, not true – yes, I spent a decent amount of time job-hunting, but not every waking moment.. I easily could have blogged, I was just too lazy).  And we’ll say that June-ish until now, I’ve just been way too freaking busy with the move (this one’s actually somewhat truthful!  see below).

So yeah, as for the rest of the semester – I don’t really know what happened.. I know we had our IM Volleyball team (Dumbledore’s Army!! Woot woot!) and that was a whole lot of fun.  We made uniforms (black t-shirts with a silver-Sharpied Death Eater logo – they’re hott.), we had team dinners, and we played our best (even if we didn’t win a game, I know I speak for several of us in saying that we had a good time anyways!).  After v-ball season ended and the weather got nice, I was playing beach volleyball pretty much daily with Amber, Mare, NickMa, Duggo, and their group of friends, and I’ve got to say – I had a whole lot of fun with that.   One of the things I’ve missed the most this summer (other than the twice I played with LA, Steve, Max Power, B, and Marcos..).  Classes did get somewhat hectic – 465 was a rough class, taking over all my Thursday nights and scaring me out of my mind; 331 got really confusing really fast, but Adventurous Alex and I (most Alex..) were a great team, and we ended up doing great in the class (although I’m really not sure how prepared I am for 431… thanks KB…);  Macro-Econ wasn’t too bad – Graf was a pretty great teacher, and it solidified my knowing that I want to pursue an Econ degree..; Stat was pretty easy, although, I forgot to write my name on my final (yeah.. I’m a 3rd-grader :-\) and that made my departure from Dear Old State a little delayed; and that CSE 451 class – although I didn’t know what I was doing in there, I swung my way to an A-, and ended up being pretty disappointed in myself, really, because I felt I did better on the final.. but y’know what? I’m glad it’s done, and I’m glad I could survive this spring semester with a cumulative GPA which just rounds up to 4.0.  As for other stuff, sadly, the only highlights that are coming to mind right now are Blessid Union of Souls performing (the “She likes me for me” band!), a couple quiz competitions with Meloy, Evan, and others, and getting my hair done pretty awesomely several times by Amber :-) (Thanks again!!!).  If I’m forgetting any sweet stories about the spring semester, I apologize – but leave them in the comments, and they’ll be on the record forever!
As for job-hunting, y’know, it was really a pain this year.  I applied to all sorts of places, in hopes of not having to return to the deli at Giant Eagle.  I counted 11 total places at one point, but honestly – nobody got back to me (even to tell me they weren’t interested!).  One morning, I received an email in my CSE account saying that a PoliSci professor at PSU was looking for a good CompSci student to do some programming for the summer, and that it was possible to negotiate working from home instead of being in State College.  After a couple weeks, I got that all sorted out, and I’ve been working for Dr. Monroe ever since!  I’m programming in Perl (taught it to myself this summer), writing “Spiders” which are programs that go to a country’s parliamentary website and downloads their political documents.  In all honesty, I’ve really learned a lot this summer, I’m glad to have learned a new programming language, and it has been quite a convenient job for me (my new goal in life is to set my own hours – it’s just awesome.).

And the move – in case you haven’t heard, my family moved from our place in Cranberry to Callery (5 minutes away…).  It took a whole heck of a lot to move (and we’re STILL moving stuff – the attic, the garage, and the storage closet in the basement still have stuff – plus the pool table, which I’m not even sure we’re moving any more…).  I don’t remember any other move I’ve made (any of the six other ones…) being this difficult or time-consuming.  But the new place is neat – there’s a pool in the backyard which has been quite refreshing on the 10+ 90 degree days and is always nice after a tennis match or grass-cutting; the backyard is going to be sweet for sledding; and it’s a down-size from the Cranberry house, so I’m a lot closer to the family, leading to more bonding time and whatnot (I’m not complaining).  The only problem with the house is that mom wasn’t moving with the thought of acquiring another member for the house – Julie moved up here from North Carolina because she found a sweet job with TekSystems (any IT people who need a job – get in touch with me, and I’ll put you in touch with her – she’ll find you an awesome job).  So we move to a smaller house, Julie moves in with us, and Vinny gets stranded in the office (you can have my room when I go back to college, buddy!).  Other than the lack of space and practically NO parking room (fun fiasco last night ;-)  the grass’ll grow back Kaylyn :-P), it’s been a good place for us.

In other news, this has been the summer of Harry Potter!!!  And I’ve LOVED it!!!  At the end of June, the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix video game came out for the Wii – it isn’t anything amazing, but it looks exactly like the movies, the plot isn’t too bad for a video game, and after the glitches in the first 15 minutes of gameplay, it has definitely improved.  Then the movie came out at midnight the night of July 10th, and (of course) Meloy and I went to that midnight show at the IMAX at the Mills.  The movie was absolutely fantastic!  If you haven’t seen it yet, shame on you (and if you haven’t seen it a second time, you definitely should – you catch so much more).  The 3-D-ness was a neat effect, but I preferred the un-3-D version…  And finally – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the seventh, and final book in the series, was released on July 21, 2007 at 12:01 AM.  Meloy, Kaylyn, and I went to the release party at Barnes and Noble (and hung out with Steve, LA, and Elyse) in Cranberry Township.  Then, I read the book from 1:30 AM-4:30 AM.. passed out until 11:30 AM and read straight through 3:14 AM Sunday, July 22, 2007.  I don’t want to spoil the book for anyone, so I’m just gonna leave it at this – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is the best book I have ever read in my life.
All right, well that’s pretty much my past 6 months in a large nutshell.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get myself back into the blogging habit, because I did pay for another year of web-hosting… just let me know that you read this and it’ll motivate me to blog some more… <3 you guys!!  Thanks for reading!!


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