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First off – yesterday’s XKCD was awesome – http://xkcd.com/327/ – because of its awesomeness, Evan called and left me a voice mail when I was in CompSci – I get out, listen to it, and call him back – while it begins ringing, I hear him answer, BUT IN REAL LIFE! It was crazy!  Hadn’t seen him in several weeks, and sure enough, there’s Evan, standing right in front of me!  It’s always nice to catch up with a buddy you haven’t seen in a while!

On that same note, merely an hour after I ran into Evan, I ran into Lauren!  I hadn’t seen her since ArtsFest so that was awesome too!  I got to catch up with her for a few minutes, before Evan found us! Twice in one day?!  Anywho – yeah – that bench between Sparks and Carnegie – I’ve met up with 3 people this semester there, completely randomly.

I finished my first round of midterms yesterday with a lengthy Stat exam which nobody finished (we apparently get to redo it before Monday..) – so I’m glad to finally get to relax a little bit..

The Tech retreat this past weekend was oodles of fun!  From the bonding games, to the fire; from marshmallow projectiles to 6:30AM handstands – many great times were had, and we must definitely do it again!

I finally made it onto the Computer Programming team!  Woo!  We’ve had one practice so far (got another one this Saturday and next Saturday) and the competition is on  the 27th!  I always love programming, so this team is a ton of fun for me!

On Monday night, David Clavens called me and demanded footbag.  I gave into the peer pressure (even though my throat and stomach weren’t feeling well) and kicked for an hour-or-so with him.  He’s amazing.  That’s all there is to it.  He’s so good.  And it made me really sore for the next two days..

I’m trying to ween myself off of AOL Instant Messenger and on to Google Talk.  Google Talk is so convenient.  The 3 flavors – GChat (incorporated into GMail), Google Talk (the standalone application – http://dl.google.com/googletalk/googletalk-setup.exe ), and the Talk Gadget (a browser version of Google Talk (like AIM Express) – http://www.google.com/talk/ ).  GChat is really convenient – you’re checking your email, you see someone online that you need to send a quick note to, BAM, you’re done.  Google Talk is cool – the voice capabilities are so easy to use, really good organization (I’d like to see a different way to organize tabs, but other than that, it’s solid), and very minimal layout.  And the Talk Gadget has one of the coolest functions I’ve seen out of the three – group chats (chat rooms).  It is great fun to see that “Chris, Val, Nic are typing..” and I really hope that this feature is added to Google Talk soon. The tabs in this gadget are really nicely put together, flashing when something is added in a different window, and displaying for 5 seconds what was said.. really handy.

So yeah – those are my quick random notes.  For the 2 (maybe 3?) of you that ever read this, I appreciate it!  I hope you’re all having great semesters/lives!  Leave me a comment if you care to show the love! <3!


October 11, 2007 - Posted by | General Stuff

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  1. Also – I forgot to mention… in GChat – if you want to bold something, put *\’s around it.. and if you want to italicize something, put _\’s around it. *BOLD*, _italics_, *_bold italics_*. Yeeeeah 8-). And that face is B-) in GChat. And There is a monkey face : ( | )  (without the spaces) a devil grin } : – ) and all sorts of awesome cool stuff. Enjoy!

    Comment by eyekeyknee | October 11, 2007

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