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Fall 2007 Semester in Review

The Fall 2007 semester went by really quickly and not too terribly class-wise. It was another 15-credit semester (I’m pretty sure my last one with that many!) and I had a mixed-bag of classes and professors.

CSE 428 – Programming Languages Concepts
-John Hannan

This class was my kind of class – learning lots of different programming languages and concepts related to them. I learned Scheme, Standard ML, Prolog, and Ruby, all in one semester. Although the midterms were crazy (the first midterm in any class is the hardest – figuring out what the format is like and what the professor likes to ask), I practically perfected each of my homework assignments, got a decent amount of extra credit from a pop bonus quiz, and did decently on the final to merit me an A in the class.

ECON 304 – Intermediate Macroeconomics
-Misty Stone

I prefer microeconomics over macroeconomics any day of the week. This course was taught so incredibly slowly and rather poorly. I’m pretty sure Misty was straight out of grad school and was very clearly nervous a lot of the time, but I’m hoping that with some more experience she can learn how to better teach the class. All I really took from the class are the IS-LM Model and the AD-AS Model. Everything else in the rest of the semester was just a buildup for these two models. I did shakily on the quizzes and a couple of the homeworks, but ended up with a high A.

ECON 402 – Game Theory
-Vijay Krishna

The first four classes, I absolutely loved the material in this class. There were some really interesting topics discussed and fun games played or demonstrated in class. I even called Michael asking if he knew if I could do any Game Theory work after this class. But then it got bad. The homeworks started then, and they were very far from the material taught in class. I understood everything in class – I was the kid that knew the answer to every question and was bored out of my mind when the first 20 minutes of every class were a review of the previous day’s lecture. But the homeworks destroyed me, and because of that, I received my obligatory A-.

ENGL 202C – Technical Writing
-Jim Ausherman

Jim Ausherman is the man. If you can take this class with him – do so. It’s not necessarily an “easy A,” but if you do the work that he asks of you, and you care about what you’re writing, you will do well in the class. I think we stayed the full hour and fifteen minutes three times the entire semester. I was back in my dorm less than half an hour after the class started two times. He tells you exactly what you need to know to do well on the assignments, and as long as you do what he says, you will do well. He’s a great guy, good professor, and makes a mandatory class much more bearable.

STAT 319 – Probability++? (I have no idea what it was called..)
-:“Michael” Yiyun Zhang

It was Stat. I don’t see how it’s useful to me or why I would possibly need to know it, but I took it because it’s mandatory. Michael was a great guy, knew his stuff, and made the class not too bad. The homeworks weren’t too bad, the exams allow cheat sheets,


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