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A Day of WTFs

So I had my last final this morning at 8 in competitive programming (I rocked it.. I was the first one done who hadn’t done the program in advance, so I’m thinking I might have made the team!!).  Afterwards, I headed down to GotUsed to sell my books back.

WTF #1 – The cashier says, “I’m sorry.. this is actually an international edition.  It is illegal to buy or sell this in the United States.”  eeeeert… my bad?

WTF #2 – When cleaning out my trunk to pack it intelligently, I found an envelope from the department of Computer Science and Engineering here at Penn State crumpled up at the bottom.  I open it up to find a letter saying that I’ve been offered a $3,000 scholarship to replace the College of Engineering one that I have.  I don’t remember opening this letter or doing what it told me I had to do to accept it… Sorry Comp Sci, I’ve been cheating on you with the College of Engineering.

WTF #3 – I grab a sandwich from West Wing (pulled pork?! They’re trying new stuff at every MEAL!  why don’t they do this more often!!!) and head down to Moxies to get a smoothie.  The sheet has more than half of the options removed (understandable – it’s Finals Week, they’re not going to restock).  I fill out my form settling for the tried and true strawberries and bananas.  Hand it to the cashier, who says, “I’m sorry, we’re out of strawberries.. and bananas.”  How about we do peaches and pineapples then, eh?  “Yeah, we’re out of pineapples too.. sorry..”… Wow.  Why are you open??

We’ll see what kind of random moments packing up the rest of the room and heading home brings me.. I can’t even imagine what other weird things could happen…

(PS – sorry my life isn’t exciting..)


May 9, 2008 - Posted by | General Stuff

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