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All right.. I’m going to completely change up my blogging style.  Rather than blogging once every 3 months and summing up my life, I’m going to keep the world informed as frequently as possible.  And chances are, these more frequent updates are going to be entirely random.. like today’s!
I really like Malcolm in the Middle – I think it’s a very funny show, and I always like to pretend I was as genius as Malcolm is when I was that age.   My one problem with the show is that I cannot, for the life of me, figure out the regular scheduling of it.  On FX, it’s on just about every afternoon, but it seems like the time changes on a day-to-day basis!  I just don’t get it!

Anywho, the reason I’m bringing Malcolm up is because the other day, I was watching it, and Cynthia (Malcolm’s sometimes girlfriend, but all the time dorky friend) was in the episode.  When I saw her, I had a Eureka (why is that “a” instead of “an”?  Any grammar nazis out there?) moment!  Cynthia is Alex in Lost!!!  Now, for those of you who haven’t yet gotten addicted to Lost (YOU SHOULD!), I’m not going to ruin anything, simply point out that Cynthia == Alex == Tania Raymonde.  I always enjoy moments like that – whenever my brain makes a neat connection like that.. so I thought I’d share.

I hope you all are having terrific summers thus far, and I look forward to blogging again soon!


May 23, 2008 - Posted by | General Stuff


  1. http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/strange_wilderness/

    It received a rating of 0%…0 Fresh ratings and 36 rotten ratings…for an average rating of 2.2/10

    Comment by Marc Brenner | May 24, 2008

  2. I had never heard of this movie, but I checked out the comment from Marc and looked at Rotten Tomatoes – this thing runs over three hours? That seems horribly unjust. If the movie stinks, at least make it short!

    Also, I like the new blog style. Short and frequent is much better!

    Comment by Michael Iachini | May 25, 2008

  3. Strange Wilderness was actually less than an hour and a half (thank goodness!). According to IMDB, it is 87 minutes long, which seems about right. I’m wondering if Rotten Tomatoes lied about the run time to make it seem like an even bigger waste of time?

    And thanks for the short and frequent vote! I’m hoping to get more out of this blog than I have for the past couple years, and I think it should be more fun as well.

    Comment by eyekeyknee | May 25, 2008

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