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The Worst Movie Ever

Strange Wilderness is the worst movie ever. I didn’t think it looked very good from the previews I saw, but when Julie told me that it was made by the same people who made Grandmas Boy, I figured the previews must have been wrong. So we watched it and it was the worst movie I have ever seen.  A really funny joke to play on someone would be to tell them how great it is, and have them watch it… cruel and unusual punishment is always the best.

But seeing it got me to thinking — how bad is it compared to other crappy movies?  I went to the IMDB’s Bottom 100, and was shocked to see that Strange Wilderness (5.2/10) isn’t anywhere near the best of the worst movies (The Bat People – 2.4/10).  And upon going through the list, I saw that You Got Served was on there (at a 2.3/10).  I actually kind of did enjoy You Got Served as a whole.  Not for the acting, certainly not for the plot, but there was a sweet dance competition which made (at least) parts of the movie enjoyable!  There was no saving grace for Strange Wilderness like the dancing in You Got Served, so I have come to the conclusion that there is no justice in this world.


May 24, 2008 - Posted by | General Stuff

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