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The Penguins game last night was a rather terrible one.  We’ve been on our A-game so far this playoff season, only losing 2 games in the 3 previous series (lost one to the Rangers, one to the Flyers, and none to the Senators).  But in game one against the Red Wings, we just looked disgusting.  The team didn’t appear to be coming together like they have for the past month, and because of this, there were nowhere near as many goal-scoring opportunities as there have been in games past.  I’m thinking that the fact that we hadn’t played a game in 6 days was one of the main things that threw us off (though, Detroit hadn’t played in 5…), and if that is the case, things should go smoother in game 2 tomorrow.  Hopefully the Pens went back after the game and watched the tapes, not only taking notes on what Detroit was doing successfully, but also where we were messing up and what we can do to fix it.

I’ve always been a Penguins fan and they have been quite an entertaining team to watch this year.  The playoffs have been especially awesome to watch, but if we don’t make some drastic changes before tomorrow night, game 2 is going to be just as little fun as the first one.


May 25, 2008 - Posted by | General Stuff

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