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Mario Kart Wii

Hoooly cow.  This game is absolutely amazing.  Mario Kart 64 was always by far my favorite N64 game (Jeopardy! was a close second).  I remember any time I’d go over to somebody’s house who had an N64, they’d all want to play Golden Eye or whatever other Bond game was awesome at the time, but the only thing I wanted to play was Mario Kart.  So when I heard about Mario Kart Wii coming out, I got really excited.  I bought it during finals week (after my 3 difficult finals, intelligently), and have been in love ever since.With 16 courses to begin with and 16 courses to unlock (several of these total 32 courses are from previous versions of the game and are rather nostalgic), there is quite a bit to do.  There are (at least) 4 modes – 50cc (for karts), 100cc (for motorcycles), 150cc (for karts and bikes), and mirror-mode (with all the courses flipped across the y-axis);  I have (kind of pathetically…) finished each of the 8 cups for each of the first 3 modes in first place.  (And Mirror-mode should be done in the next couple days.)

There are also tons of characters, ranging in size from Baby Mario and Baby Peach up to Bowser and Rosalina (from the new Mario Galaxy – which, by the way, is a whole ton of fun, but I haven’t gotten a chance to get fully addicted to because school was hectic and then this game took over – sorry Michael!  I’ll get back to it really soon!).  I haven’t yet unlocked all of the characters (there are spots for 19 currently, including your Mii (though I know there are 25… I’m going to discuss that and other aspects of the game in greater detail later this week)), but apparently the coolest new one (according to my brother-in-law, Wade) is Dry Bowser – I’m pretty excited to see this new guy.In addition to the 32 tracks which you can race in at least 6 different ways, and the battle modes (balloon battle which we all know and love and coin runners (where you collect as many coins as you can and protect them by not getting hit with a  weapon)), there is great online play.  You can race or battle with up to 11 other people from around the world and there is absolutely zero lag.  It’s a whole ton of fun, and the  ranking system (starting at 5000 and going up or down depending on a win or loss (I don’t understand the math..)) makes it so that you can always become better and better.

So that’s my opinion of the awesome Wii version of the always fun Mario Kart series.  It’s absolutely worth the $50 price tag (and you get a steering wheel with that, which I’m not a major fan of – the Wiimote + nun chuck combo makes it like Mario Kart 64 which I’m used to) and so if you have a Wii, I strongly suggest you get this game.  And when you do – let me know what your friend code is!  Mine is 4339-3348-9152!


May 26, 2008 - Posted by | General Stuff

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