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In case you are not  Penn Stater, eLion is the Pennsylvania State University’s electronic paperwork system.  Everything from scheduling to grades to loan information is all managed through eLion.  So in order to be a Penn State student, you must use eLion (at the very minimum) once a semester (in order to register for classes).

That being said, of the tens of thousands of people who have used eLion, I really would like to know how many have noticed the binary in the header of every page.  I hadn’t noticed it until I was obsessively checking my grades a couple weeks ago.  And once I did notice it, I instantly realized that it was a binary-encoding of ASCII characters.  And once I noticed this, I didn’t even have to use one of those converters to figure out what it said.  The fact that it was 5 characters long gave me the initial gut feeling that it said “eLion” and then all I did was compare the last two characters (01101111 and 01101110) noticing that the first character is one value greater than the second.   Since “o” comes right after “n” that was almost verification enough.  I checked the second character (“l”) to these, and the fact that it was 2 less than the last character, I was convinced.

Bonus points if you can figure out another word that would have fit that pattern to disprove my verification!


May 29, 2008 - Posted by | General Stuff


  1. Your a regular Sherlock Holmes!

    Comment by Jason | May 29, 2008

  2. abled.

    among others :p

    Comment by VRo | May 29, 2008

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