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Innovative WiiMote Uses

I was talking to my older brother Michael yesterday, and he asked if I had seen the CMU student who was using a WiiMote and sensor bar for other things.  He pointed me to this Newsweek article and these two YouTube videos (Head Tracking and Multi-Touch Whiteboard).

A couple years ago, I saw this video of a multi-touch screen and some of the awesome things it can do (like the Minority Report stuff – I always thought that was cool).  I always kind of assumed that this technology would be insanely expensive, but with this multi-touch whiteboard made from a WiiMote, this is much more affordable!  Attach some IR LEDs to a pair of gloves, and do some hardcore coding, and voila! $50 is all it takes! ($40 for a WiiMote and $10 for a pair of gloves with the LEDs — although, I need to go out and buy a Bluetooth adapter for my laptop, so that’ll most likely run me another $40-$50 it’s looking like).

So I just want to say “Thank you Johnny Lee!”  I can’t wait to see what all I can do with this!


June 2, 2008 - Posted by | General Stuff

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