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Last Monday I started my internship at the Bank of New York Mellon (last July, the Bank of New York, and Mellon Bank merged – hence the Bank of New York Mellon).  This internship is absolutely perfect for me.   I am designing a front-end for a database of technical documents on different technologies that they have available.  In case you don’t know – I love computer programming in any flavor, but PHP and MySQL have been my specialty for the past 2 years because of my involvement in THON.

When I got my computer on Wednesday and my manager told me to try to install PHP and have at it, I was in heaven.  I had my test setup up and running and had my typical development tools (Notepad++, Firefox, and Xampp (Apache+MySQL)) installed and ready to go within half an hour.  Then I hit the road running.  My project is coming along very nicely, and I do believe I’m going to be getting this done much much sooner than he was expecting.

Other than the nerdy stuff – my office is pretty fantastic.  I have a window desk, from which I can see a good chunk of downtown Pittsburgh (including the two tallest buildings – US Steel and One Mellon Center (I’m in Four – right across Ross)) and it’s gorgeous.  Also, I’ve got a whole ton of desk and drawer-space (of which I’m hardly using any).

The only complaint that I have is that the commute is killer.  With gas prices as high as they are right now (I’ve seen $4.09 all over the place..), and with parking being ridiculous in Pittsburgh, I’m doing the whole Park and Ride dealy.  Since the parking lots fill up by 6:30, I’ve been having Julie drop me off for the 6:54 bus (which gets me to the office just before 8), and then mom picks me up when I get off the 4:10 bus around 5 and I’m home by 5:20.  So the first 12 hours of my day are taken up by getting ready for, getting to, doing, and coming home from work.  And then the next 5 hours I’ve typically been useless, and then I sleep and repeat.   But this is the real world, and I must wet my feet before jumping in next year.


June 16, 2008 - Posted by | Computer Stuff, Work Stuff

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