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Get Smart is Fantastic

The last movie I saw in a theatre, I do believe, was American Gangster, back in November.  Before that it was Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix last July.   So in a year’s time, I have seen all of two movies in a theatre, and I have picked them very wisely (two fantastic must-sees).

Tonight, I tallied my first one of 2008, with Steve Carell’s Get Smart, and oh my gosh – it was absolutely amazing!  I love Steve Carell in the Office, but some of his movies have been a little “Meh” in my books, so I was hesitant going into this.  But I gave it a chance anyway, and am so very glad I did!  I typically am satisfied with chuckling a little bit during a comedy, but it is rather rare that I see something in a theatre which is laugh out loud funny and Get Smart actually made me guffaw.

This movie is actually great fun for everyone — it’s a comedy which I think could please just about any sense of humor; there are quite a few neat action scenes for the action junky; Anne Hathaway was drop-dead gorgeous, so that definitely makes it nice for about half the world; there was a little bit of political humor which appeals to the Meloys of the world; and there are quite a few fun cameos throughout (mixed through a pretty well-known cast to begin with).  All-in-all, I would most certainly recommend Get Smart to anyone looking for a great movie to see!


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  1. Get Smart looks okay overall, though Steve Carell seems to be veering more and more toward slapstick-style humor

    Comment by patrick | July 10, 2008

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