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SourceForge Community Choice Awards

SourceForge is an awesome site where you can find all sorts of sweet different open source projects.   I got an email a little while back asking for nominations for the Community Choice Awards (I obviously gave nods to Notepad++ and XAMPP as well as a few others), and today I got an email asking me to vote ( http://sourceforge.net/community/cca08-vote ).  In all but one of the categories, I knew of and loved at least one of the options listed!  (The one category I didn’t know any for was “Best Project for Gamers”… oops!)

I thought that whole thing was pretty sweet.  Not only that SourceForge has a great idea by getting this feedback (and I’m sure the results will boost the popularity of all the winners), but that I knew about and use at least one of almost all the categories!  I love the open source revolution and I’m so glad to be a part of it!

Two quick side notes:  1) Knappz finally blogged again and it’s an awesome one!!   2) I’m going up to State College this weekend for Arts Fest!  If you’re gonna be up there, we should totally get together! And if I don’t blog this weekend, that’s why!


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  1. That was a tough vote – I liked a lot in the same category, I want all of them to win!

    Comment by Alex | July 11, 2008

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