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Friday morning when I got off the subway (yeah, I’ve reached the epitome of lazy, I don’t even walk the 12 blocks from the bus stop to Mellon Four any more…), I was following everyone towards the stairs and escalator, when I noticed that everyone on the escalator was moving much slower than usual.  When I was just about to the bottom of it, I noticed that it wasn’t moving, and dodged left to go up the stairs.  It was absolutely hilarious watching everyone get on the “escalator” and listening to their reactions.  Several people kind of stumbled backwards expecting the need to change their momentum to adjust to the escalator, and just about everyone gave an “Oh my!” or “Oh, the escalator is broken!”

But in reality, “an escalator can never break — it can just become stairs.”  (Thanks Mitch Hedberg!!!  I’ll always remember you!  (HERE are some of his jokes listed.. but it’s really the delivery that counts)


July 17, 2008 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. I just decided you need to apply to work at Google with maley and I next year.


    Comment by Ryan! | July 18, 2008

  2. I decided that back in high school. :-P

    Comment by dannyiachini | July 18, 2008

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