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For the past couple months, I have seen this book with chess pieces (the white queen and a red pawn) on the front cover being advertised in both my Barnes & Noble newsletter and my Amazon.com newsletter.  Eventually I looked into it and figured out that this book is called Breaking Dawn and it is the fourth and final installment in the Twilight Saga.  I haven’t read any of the other three books in the saga, but I know that it’s popular among the Nerdfighter population, so I assume I’d probably like it myself.

Just this week, I read more into the Barnes & Noble advertisement, and it mentioned a release party for the book which was tonight until midnight (when the book went on sale).  This is very similar to the release parties for the Harry Potter series (I wanted to say septilogy, but spell check says it isn’t a word, and Merriam Webster doesn’t say whether it’s a word or not — it is currently returning a blank page.) which were really entertaining (I went to the release parties for each of the books starting at four (I was introduced to the series between the release of Azkaban and Goblet)).  When I read about this release party, I thought it would be entertaining to at least stop by to learn more about the quadrilogy and the people who read it.  But then I had a revelation yesterday – what would be even more entertaining would be to go dressed as Harry Potter.  Sadly, I did not follow through with that awesome idea, and now I will never again have a chance to go to a Twilight Saga release party as Harry Potter.  In lieu of this tragedy, I have developed a venn diagram which depicts the world if I had gone to the release party…

There is probably at least one other person in the world with this awesome idea...

There is probably at least one other person in the world with this awesome idea...

I’d love for there to be release parties for books, because I think they really help promote not just the book (or its series) being released, but helps promote reading in general.  I wish I would have gotten myself addicted to reading when I was younger – I just feel as though it may have rotted away my brain a little slower than watching every episode of several different TV shows.


August 2, 2008 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. Please take a moment to re-examine what the green drawing looks like.

    Comment by Alex | August 2, 2008

  2. Thanks for the heads up Alex :-P fixed it.

    Comment by dannyiachini | August 2, 2008

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