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This summer has consisted of work, tennis, Pass 2.0, and movies.  I’ve been watching a pretty good deal of movies, both great and terrible.  The most recent additions were Serenity and Reign Over Me.

Serenity is a sci-fi western (sweet combination!) based off of the television series Firefly.  Evan and/or Andrew (the two awesome kids who lived across the hall from me second semester sophomore year), I can’t remember which, recommended this series and movie to me, but I sadly didn’t get around to seeing it until Thursday — I really regret doing so.  This movie was absolutely awesome!  It had an amazing plot, great cast (lots of people that you say “OH! It’s that guy!  From that movie!”), and has some awesome action/fight scenes.  I absolutely recommend this one and cannot wait to watch the rest of the series (I watched the first episode this morning, and it was a two part episode, so I had another hour and a half, which was like a-whole-nother movie!).

Then on Friday night, I watched Reign Over Me, the Don Cheadle and Adam Sandler drama.  A lot of people can’t see Sandler in a serious role, but I thought he did a terrific job in Spanglish, so I was all for this one.  Adam Sandler plays a guy who has all sorts of psychological problems after losing his family, and Don Cheadle plays his witty and  entertaining old college roommate.  Cheadle showed a completely different side of himself from the majority of movies I’ve seen him in before, but he did a wonderful job at it.  After watching it, everyone (Julie, Wade, Max, Vinny, and myself) agreed that it was just an excellent movie.


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