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Tags (AKA labels) are the new huge thing tearing up the web. You can tag your messages in Gmail, you can tag your tasks in RememberTheMilk (yesterday), you can even tag your blog entries (oops :-\  I’m working on it…).
There is one place that I have not yet seen tags, but I really would like to — iTunes.  Playlists are cool and fully customizable and everything, but tags could be a really handy addition!

I’ve got all sorts of different Rock Band songs in iTunes, and the way I have it set up is that they’re all part of the “Various Artists” “Rock Band Soundtrack” album. Then the title for each song is “Title (Artist)”. That’s been all right, but there are a couple big problems with it in my books:

  1. I now have two copies of whichever songs I had before I got into Rock Band. That’s really just a waste of space both on my computer and my iPod…
  2. It’s a real hassle when scrolling through all of my songs (on my iPod) to find the artist when I forget the name of the song (at least I can search in iTunes…).
  3. I can’t do sub-categories. These are all just “Rock Band Soundtrack”. If I had tags I could tag them by their difficulty or some other structure, making it even easier for me to find the song I’m looking for.

I know iTunes isn’t a web application, so maybe that’s why they aren’t following the Web 2.0 trends, but tagging really could bring some awesome possibilities to the table.


August 13, 2008 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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  1. you can use the “grouping” category and specify difficulties or some other criteria. you can use other categories as well. this adds very little functionality to ipod usage unless you group songs into a “genre” or “compilation” which ipods can sort by. i used to use the genre category as a way of tagging songs, but alas, only one tagged allowed. honestly though, you should just delete the song duplicates and use playlists. or if you really want tags, use the genre category to store all tags. then instead of using only column view to sort through music (not very practical with many tags per song) you should use smart playlists to specify which tags you want (slightly bulky interface), SWEET maybe i will try to do this hah.

    Comment by anony | August 14, 2008

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