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Michael Crichton’s Prey

Heading up to Arts Fest last month, my buddy, Kevin, said that he thought I’d really enjoy Michael Crichton’s Prey.  He told me that it was a nerdy book with some really neat creative technologies and even some computer code – so of course it sounded awesome!

Crichton is new to me (other than Jurassic Park when I was 8), but he was very easy to follow.  The story is about a computer programmer (well, project manager who knows code) named Jack who has two major things wrong with his life – he is no longer employed and he suspects his wife is cheating on him.  The two come together when he gets a contracting position at his wife’s company and heads out to their fabrication laboratory.  That’s when everything gets crazy!

The technology that Michael Crichton talks about in this book is not quite around yet (to the best of my knowledge), but he talks about it in such a way that it just makes perfect sense, and I could totally picture it in existence.  There is an insane amount of action over a 24-hour period, but it is written in a way that it’s not even overwhelming.

If you’re looking for a solid read discussing some really neat technological advances with some fantastically described action scenes, then Prey is for you.  Clocking in at just over 500 pages, it took me a little longer to read than most other stuff this summer, but it really drew me in nonetheless, and it was awesome!


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