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The Joys of Gmail

Although I didn’t get started using Gmail until April 2006 (still in the days of invitation-only, but not very early either), I can’t imagine life without it.  There are several aspects of Gmail which I use on a daily basis to better organize my life and save myself time and energy.

The first thing to know about Gmail is that you no longer use folders for organization.  Rather than placing an email in only one folder and having to remember which folder you put it in, you now apply labels to your messages and you can view all of them in the “All Mail” section.  And the coolest new feature about these labels — you can color-code them to make an easy visual guide to your organization.

Another amazing aspect of Gmail is the awesome filtering system.  If you apply a “Newsletter” label to every email from Amazon, then you can set up a filter to automatically apply that label for you.  If any email you get with the word “Urgent” in the title should get your attention even more, then you can set up a filter to automatically star it for you.  You can even mark any email from your mom with “Fwd” in the subject as already read (just kidding mom!).  (To set up a filter, click the “Create a filter” link next to the search buttons and it should be pretty self-explanatory — just ask if you need any more tips and tricks!)

Because of these (and many other awesome) Gmail features, you may want to use Gmail for all of your email needs.  In order to get all your mail in Gmail, just go to the Settings -> Accounts tab to set up the accounts to send as and POP3 access (though it’s even better if you can get set up your other accounts to be forwarded instead of using POP3).

If there are any other aspects of Gmail that you’d like me to talk more about or if you need any generic help, just let me know in the comments!


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