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The other day, I found an article on Digg about applications which supposedly make reformatting Windows easier.  It sounded cool enough, but wasn’t too big of a concern for me since my laptop was running fine.  

Sure enough though, my computer got infected really badly with some “XP Antivirus 2008” trojan spyware(?!) last night (long story short – it took over my computer – frequent popups, irremovable tray icon, replaced the desktop and didn’t give me access to Desktop or Screensaver in Display Properties, and who knows what else…).  So the majority of my day was taken up with backing up my computer, reinstalling XP, and then getting everything back to (something close to) how I like it.  

Luckily, I was able to save a lot of research and frustration, because I was able to use the DriverMax program that the Digg article pointed me to!  I was able to pick which drivers I wanted to backup on the infected copy of XP, and then when the new copy was ready to go, I just let it go, putting back all the drivers I was using!  So major thanks to Digg and DriverMax!

Now my computer is super-fast and really clean!  Hopefully this time I learned my lesson and will backup useful files on a (somewhat) regular basis.  Any suggestions for a good deal on an external hard drive?

(Also – major thanks to Parker who was able to help me out through the pain which is reformatting!)


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