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Expanding Your Dropbox

I love Dropbox!  It is a really easy and convenient way to sync files across multiple computers and it makes it so I don’t need to worry about forgetting my thumb drive anywhere.

But my biggest complaint is that it only syncs the files in your “My Dropbox” folder.  That’s a major problem when I would like to have my PHP code from my htdocs folder shared onto other computers or when I don’t want to move all of my files into My Dropbox.

Lifehacker to the rescue!  They pointed me to this really easy-to-use tool for creating junctions – Link Shell Extension.  So I go into my htdocs folder, right-click a folder I want to copy (let’s say Pass2), and select “Pick Link Source”.  Then I go into “My Dropbox”, right-click in there, and go to “Drop As->Junction”.  Voila!  Any time I change a file in either spot, it gets updated in the other (and, therefore, also uploaded to Dropbox!).

If you haven’t signed up with Dropbox, I still strongly encourage you to give it a shot through my referral link to get us both extra space: https://www.getdropbox.com/referrals/NTcwNzI1Njk .  To those of you who have used my link already, thanks a ton!  I hope you’re enjoying it too!


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