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Dell’s Support Isn’t Terrible!

I have heard horror stories about Dell and what a hassle their support is. That only made me slightly reluctant to buy my new laptop through my company’s sweet Laptop Purchase Program. But I took the gamble, crossing my fingers that I wouldn’t run into any problems. Last week, I got a blue screen and had hard drive issues for a few days before getting in touch with them.

I got on their online chat support (12th in the queue at 9:30 EST took about 25 minutes) and was helped by a rep named Justin. Justin was quick, efficient, and super helpful. After I explained the situation, he had me run a diagnostic startup tool to get the error code.

With the error code, he was able to overnight me a new hard drive. But then he wowed me. Justin asked if I wanted a link to the reference guide for hard drive removal (saving me time). Then he explained the shipping process and what to expect. Finally, he asked if I’d like to receive a call today to check to make sure I wasn’t having any more issues (not having to wait in the help queue again).

Sure enough, the hard drive came the next morning, the installation followed the guide to a T, and another rep called to make sure that everything was going all right.

Dell’s support definitely erased my woes from all the horror stories I heard. I don’t know if it’s just their small business support, but I have no complaints from personal experience now.


January 7, 2010 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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  1. That was dell’s technical support, which like IBM’s is great. Dell’s customer support for things including stupid users is not so great, and only declines after about 8-9 pm Eastern time.

    Comment by Brenton | January 8, 2010

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