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(Sorry for the lack of posting.. you knew it was going to happen though.  Name one time when I blogged decently during a semester!)

This semester has been pretty chaotic for me.  With my 14.5 credits requiring much more work than I anticipated, taking lead in the development and organization of Pass 2.0hMyGoodnessThisIsAmazing for THON, a brand-spanking-new relationship, and the job hunt, I haven’t had the free blogging time that I did over the summer.  Blogging isn’t the only thing that I haven’t been doing, I also haven’t been Facebooking very much!  But on Thursday night, I was in a crunch.

Eve 6, one of my favorite bands from back in High School, had a free show Thursday night at the HUB.  I found out about this on Monday, and picked up a couple tickets (yeah.. a free show with tickets..).  And come Thursday evening, I hadn’t yet found anyone who wanted to go.  But then, I realized that in Facebook, the popular social networking site, you may list your musical preferences.  I did a simple search for “Eve 6” and found several of my friends who are also interested in the band.  I was able to find a buddy who wanted to go with me, and we went!

The show was awesome!  I hadn’t heard anything from Eve 6 in a few years (mostly since they took a break), but this concert was terrific.  They only played 2 songs I hadn’t heard before (one of which they specifically stated was a new song — Little Tiny Everything).  All of the other songs were ones which I already knew well and loved.  I was so happy that they played Open Road Song, Think Twice, On the Roof, and Promise.  I’m definitely going to keep an eye on their future tour dates, because I would love to see them again!

So the moral of the story is: although Facebook may be a great time-wasting procrastination site, it also does have some practical uses.


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  1. A brand spanking new relationship you say? If she is taking away from your blogging time you might want to reconsider dating her….lol jkjk lets not!

    Comment by Laura | December 8, 2008

  2. If by your favorite band in high school, you mean my favorite band? You didn’t know they EXISTED until me, Daniel.

    Comment by Maryann | December 8, 2008

  3. Laura – she totally has ruined all amount of blog-action… :-P

    Mare – Eve 6 was YOUR favorite, and ONE of my favorites (the latter of which is what I stated in the entry). You did, in fact, put me onto their awesomeness — I don’t deny that.

    Comment by Danny | December 8, 2008

  4. I think it’s only appropriate that you rewrite the entry to include props to me.

    Comment by Maryann | December 9, 2008

  5. I think these comments are props enough :-P

    Comment by Danny | December 9, 2008

  6. It’s good to see the blog going again. What’s this I hear about you getting a full time job but not writing about it?

    Comment by parker | December 10, 2008

  7. I haven’t been blogging about aaaaanything Parker! Perhaps over break I’ll be able to pick back up the habit. Maybe I’ll even make it a New Years resolution…

    Comment by Danny | December 13, 2008

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